Add Your Event Don’t know what to do? Need help planning a Recovery month event?

First and foremost; if you have never planned a Recovery Rally and want to bring one to your area-there are guides that walk you through, step-by-step.

Here – Here – And Here

If you have questions, call me [Jimmy – 919-256-7414] and if I can’t answer them there are others around the state who will support your efforts. 

Second; already planned a Recovery Rally? Get us your event info as you pin those details down. Feel free to send the basics (date, location) for early posting-with a follow-up as your details are finalized. Tell us all about it-name, date/time, location, activities, etc. Send it all to:

Finally; when you know of your event(s), please go in and post them here. This is the SAMHSA page for posting events. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll see Post an Event and underneath login. You will then make an account: Name and password.  That’s all it needs.   

Then you can post AND it will put them all-from different peoples-on the same source/page-since they all have a North Carolina address. Doing this will aid in the overall data benefits (complicated but I’m happy to elaborate if you really want me to) if these various events from around the state are posted from different sources/people. SAMHSA’s site can be a bit twitchy so thank you, in advance, for your work and patience and if you need our help just call or email and ask.


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